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MRIs from January 16th and March 13, 2001

Here are two comparative scans of MRIs, as roll over (or hover) images.  Put the cursor over the first image and the second will appear.  Note that these are images taken on different occasions and are not precisely through the same section, so comparisons are not exact.

The image you can see when the cursor is NOT over the image is from January 16th.  Move the pointer from outside to inside the picture.  When the cursor moves onto the image, the image shifts to the scan of March 13th.

The tumor is the area of white on the right side of the scan (visible in the three right scans) in front of the black "lake."  The lake is actually a fluid-filled cyst.  Other white areas of the scan are not tumor.  The section is taken as if you are looking up from the neck to the top of the skull, so what you see as right is really left.