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bulletLesley's first operation was on August 24th, 1999.  As you can see from these pictures, Lesley's eyes became black and blue.  According to our neurosurgeon, this was to be expected.  You also clearly see the horseshoe shaped incision to create a boneflap that is removed to do the surgery.

bulletDuring recovery in the rehabilitation hospital, the stitches healed nicely.  These were taken right after stitch removal.

bulletWeeks later, the winning hairdo style became apparent.  Here we show the outdoor look!

bulletThese pictures are from November 24, 1999.  At that point Lesley had had the bone flap removal surgery and we were concerned that there was some swelling in her soft spot.  After meeting with the neurosurgeon, he indicated it was her brain causing the bulge.  She has had no problems that we can tell from the "swelling."