Columbus Weekend
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Columbus Day Weekend (October 8-9) at Six Flags New England and Viewing the Leaves

Woodie_3.jpg (29112 bytes) Exwoodie_3.jpg (26285 bytes) The Wooden Roller Coaster at Six Flags New England
Leaves1_3.jpg (45371 bytes) Leaves2_3.jpg (40794 bytes) Overlook1_1.jpg (60699 bytes) Overlook2_1.jpg (55092 bytes)
Leaves5_3.jpg (26436 bytes) Leaves3_2.jpg (28178 bytes) Leaves4_3.jpg (33551 bytes)
NaturalBridge1_3.jpg (34044 bytes) NaturalBridge2_3.jpg (28288 bytes) NaturalBridge3_1.jpg (53282 bytes) MarbleDam_3.jpg (27318 bytes)
These are from Natural Bridge.  The water under the bridge is 60 feet down.  The first three pictures show "potholes" formed by the action of boulders and water over many years.  The last picture is of a (man-made) white marble dam - the only one in North America.
Fire1_1.jpg (46815 bytes) Car_3.jpg (24062 bytes) Ducks2_3.jpg (39613 bytes)
Chris in the conning tower lining up a torpedo shot on a destroyer! A few leaves hit the van! Some ducks on the lake.  Seem like small ducklings for this late in the season.