Orlando Visit
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Orlando Visit - April 16-23 2000

Here's a link to a short quicktime movie of us getting on the backlot ride at MGM.  It will bring up the movie in a new window.  An alternate way of viewing the movie is to download it to your computer by right clicking this link and view it offline.

Epcot2000KimChrisMomGood.JPG (44645 bytes) Epcot200KimChrisGood.JPG (62999 bytes) Epcot2000.jpg (144289 bytes) TyphoonLagoon.jpg (152298 bytes)
Mom and Kim and Chris in the morning outside of Epcot Kim and Chris Just Mickey's Arm Typhoon Lagoon with everyone except our family
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At Universal Studios Islands of Adventure also in the morning.  We got Mom a motorized wheelchair this day. The ride splash at the bottom of the Jurrasic Park ride Kim doin' the Bird Walk

Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Studios from left to right