August 4
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August 4th - Left El Tovar on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon about 7:15.  Yea for us!  We broke the fast at a picnic table towards the Eastern end of the park.  A couple of pit stops along the way, and then to 4 corners - the only place in the US where 4 states come together at a single point.  We had an elegant lunch :-) at a picnic table there and continued on to Cortez, Colorado, our destination for the night.  We arrived there in the early afternoon and decided to press on to Mesa Verde National Park, about 9 miles away.  We did a whirlwind tour of Mesa Verde, seeing many impressive cliff dwellings.  The kids were actually able to complete a Junior Ranger program by finding out the answers to several questions as we drove around and stopped at several sights and overlooks, and looked at some dioramas at the museum.  It's a very impressive park that deserves much more than the few hours we were able to give it.  On the other hand, we weren't even intending to go there in the first place.  Ate dinner at the Golden Corral (don't laugh, there was something for everyone!) and checked into the hotel.  The kids then played in the pool for a while and Dave did the web page thing.  On to Arches National Park tomorrow!

Old faithful, our dependable (so far) Chevy van.

  4 Corners.

  Kim is Arizona New Mexico and Chris is Utah Colorado.

Mesa Verde.