July 31
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July 31st.  It started slow but once we got going, we really rolled.  We drove about 25 miles to a location at the end of Walhalla Plateau called Cape Royal.  We had a pleasant hike to a couple of scenic overlooks where Dave went nuts with the tripod and cameras.  There were many beautiful vistas in all directions.  We were about 270 degrees surrounded by canyons.  We then drove to a picnic area where we ate lunch in our Chevy van.  It's actually more pleasant than it sounds.  We brought along our cooler and had sandwiches and such.  The prime viewing picnic table was occupied by a couple who thought they were in Germany.  You know, once you get a table it's yours for the night - in this case, for the day.  There was a semi-tame mule deer kind of hanging around obviously looking for handouts (which are illegal).  How do I know she was waiting for food?  She was looking at us with those doe eyes!

Then we drove to take the Cliff Springs trail.  It started as a pleasant enough trail, but the last half of it was pretty rough.  It was only when we were coming back that we ran into a couple who told us that the trail had ended about half way through!!  That is, we continued on beyond the end of the trail!  It was still a trail, but a heck of a lot harder!

After that to Point Imperial, close to the highest point in the park, where there were several more breathtaking vistas.

Back to the cabin, rest up for dinner (Lesley literally!), and on to dinner at the Lodge again.  Then some shopping in the gift shop and back to the cabin for an early turn-in.  We're hoping to be up for sunrise in the morning.