July 29
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Today was a great day at Zion.  After breakfast we drove to the Temple of Sinawava and took the Riverside Walk that goes along the Virgin River.  There were lots of interesting views of the mountains as well as lush vegetation (due to the water coming out from the sandstone rocks) and a couple of deer.  Then we drove to weeping rock to see a place where the water is forced out of the sandstone by a layer of shale.  After lunch, we went to a nature talk on how the arches in the rock are formed.  Quite interesting.  Afterwards to the 3.5 mile Pa'rus trail in the lower valley.  The kids then went wading in the river and had lots of fun while Dave drove to the upper valley to take some pictures in the afternoon light.  I haven't been able to because the rain had rolled in both days.  After I picked Lesley and the kids up, it was back to the cabin for some showers, and off to dinner again.  Kim had pizza for the third straight night (along with a chocolate sundae) while Chris did chicken nuggets for the third time (with rainbow sherbert).  Lesley and Dave tried the vegetarian lasagna and the pesto pasta with vegetables that were both so-so.  Early to bed for a hopefully early departure to Grand Canyon North.

  Breakfast at home.  But what does home look like?  Glad you asked!

  Here it is.  We have the right part of the cabin.  2 double beds, a fireplace, and a bathroom with tub.

  The view of our cabin and behind it.

  How's this to start off your morning stroll.  A couple of mule deer that are common in the park.

  An interesting flower growing along the trail.

  A closeup of the same kind.

  Kim and Chris along the Virgin River.

  This is the view at the end of the trail.  To go further you have to wade, and we were not up for that!

  Some of the views along the way.

  View from the Weeping Rock.  This is a keeper, doncha think??

Here are a bunch of other shots taken during the day.  These will give you some appreciation of why Zion is so beautiful.

  This one is looking out the back of the vistors center. (I seem to have lost the big version of this :-( )

  At a different angle.

  And out the side.

  A beautiful view from our afternoon hike.

  Today's obligatory picture.

  After the hike, time for a dip .... er, wade.

  Here's what Dave went out to take a picture of - the Great White Throne!

  And its left neighbor, Angel's Peak.

  From a slightly different angle.

That's all folks - for today!!