July 25
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  Here is our plane sitting on the ground at Logan.  It's a nice Airbus 320, but a bit of an overcast day.

  The plane with the family (less me) standing in front of it.  You may have to play with the brightness.

  A view of the inside of the plane.

  Lesley and Chris paying attention to the action outside of the plane. :-)

Ah!  Thank goodness Chris finally starting checking the wings.

  I won't even comment on Kim!

  Now here is some scenery.  I presume it's the Grand Canyon.

  An even better shot.

  And maybe even better.  You can see the Colorado river here.

  Do you think I like planes?  This is in Las Vegas.

  Here we are in our Residence Inn - the official hotel of the Baldauf family.

  Home, suite home.  At least for a day and a half!