July 26
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It's hard to grasp how huge Hoover Dam really is.  This is a nice shot from street level.

Here's a view of the upstream side of the dam looking towards Nevada.  Those towers linked to the dam are taken from Myst.  No, they're really the intake towers that extend way down to suck in the water that powers the turbines.

This is a lower level view of the intakes looking towards Arizona.

And looking upstream towards Nevada.

A higher shot looking upstream towards Arizona.

  Here's looking downstream from the dam.

  Similar, but a little higher up.

    How low can you go?

  The obligatory proof that the family was really there.  Of course, we can do wonders with digital photography nowadays!!  But I didn't have enough time to doctor these.

  These are the dam turbines and the dam tourists.  It's amazingly clean and reasonably quiet in there.  FYI, there's other parts of the the turbine that extend way beneath the floor.

  Meanywhile, back in sunny and roasting Las Vegas (how's high 90's sound?  But with no humidity, they say.  So you don't feel yourself sweating.  You just dehydrate comfortably.).  We returned from Hoover Dam in the afternoon.  Anyway, here's a notsogreat picture of the British ship in front of the Treasure Island Casino sailing into battle.  You had to be there.

  This is the Pirate ship.  Not to give it away, but the final score is Pirates 1, Brits nil.

  And what better way to end the day than by taking a dip - while Dad runs out to the grocery store to rustle up some supplies.  On to Zion National Park in the morning - early, I hope.