July 28
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The 28th started out as a beautiful day.  The sun was shining with bright blue clouds and puffy white clouds.  In the morning we went on a tram tour of the valley and did a moderate hike up to Emerald Pools where we saw several small waterfalls.  In the afternoon the kids went into a Junior Ranger program where they learned about nature around Zion.  Lesley hiked the Watchman trail while Dave went into Springdale to pick up supplies and do some laundry.  After that, the rains started and continued through dinner.  Then to an IMAX movie about Zion (parts were politically correct showing the Indian legends) with some pretty thrilling views of the valley and climbers.  Off to dinner and a show afterwards - a humorous and informative talk by a Ranger about the geology and formation of Zion.  Now back home in our cabin for my computer homework.  Enough of my talk - you're waiting for the pictures:

  This is the view looking out front from Zion Lodge in the morning after breakfast.  Pretty impressive, eh?

  And this is the view looking behind the lodge.  It gives you an idea how close the mountains are front and rear.

  Although we only stopped once on the tram tour, I was able to get this shot of a white mountain.  It's unusual in that it isn't redish like most of the others (the redish comes from iron oxide - rust).

  Another shot from the same stop.  The hits just keep on coming!!

  After lunch, we mounted up to do some serious hiking.  Just look at these attitudes!

  This is the view of the waterfall that we climbed up to.  It ain't no Niagra Falls, but we could walk under this one.

  A view of a higher up waterfall.

  We're now looking down from the lower waterfall.

  Later that day after dinner and the rain, the clouds were hovering around the tops.

  A side view from the lodge of the clouds.